Monday, November 2, 2009

Kasanova After Dark

The Kasanova Halloween party on Friday was a great experience!! I was a real Kasanova Kitten, and got to pick out my own outfit, which was accented with body paint and cat ears. All the girls there were chill and so far from stuck up. That really makes a difference when you get to a gig and everyone there is lame and bitchy as opposed to laid back and nice.

Quite a few people showed up for this little shin-dig, and I was impressed with the fact that almost everyone who attended came in costume! I met a WWII Fighter Pilot, Jack in the Box, a Vam-pirate (a guy dresssed as Jack Sparrow, but with vampire teeth), a Geek, several Priests, Billy the Penguin, Cheech & Chong, and many many more! I was even invited to go to the Halloween party at the Playboy mansion the next day, but I ended up bowing out. I wasn't really sure if the invite was legit - could they really want little ol' me there?? seriously?? - and I had already promised several friends that I would be with them on the 31st. So, I'd like to think that I took the path of better karma, and if I'm supposed to visit Heff's one day, then one day I will.

Big props to the Madison sisters and Terence of Kasanova Magazine for asking me to help host this event, and for organizing the party! I think it's safe to say that everyone there had a great time, and all the girls looked amazing.

You might remember that in October I did a shoot for Kasanova up in Beverly Hills - maybe you'll see me as Kitten of the Month sometime next year. Who knows?


Kasanova After Dark! (I'm in there at 1:50 - with the Vampirate)

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