Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Insomnia means an update

Well, since it's 2 o'clock in the morning, and I can't sleep, might as well be productive, eh? There are a few things that have happened since I last wrote, so I thought I'd update the internet on the goings-on of a part-time model.

On September 20th I went to a casting at a mansion in Studio City, and I was introduced to the cliche Hollywood world. This was a unique experience for me, and I don't regret going, but it made me grateful that I'm a girl with morals and self-respect, and also proud that I'm doing everything I can to provide for myself and not use my looks or my youth to get ANYTHING from men. It was a pretty cool opportunity to network, though - and I got to meet a fellow yogi by the end of the evening.

Most of the other girls there were stuck up, but there were two chicks who were nice, and two guys my age who were fun to talk to, Jay & Jacques. Everyone else at the party was an old(er) man, probably all very wealthy and very, um.... unconventional. I'll be polite, because I don't judge others - I just know that their way of life doesn't appeal to me in the slightest.

There were quite a few photographers there, and I hope that some awesome shots came out. I've only received a few so far, and unofficially at that, but here's one of my favorites:

I'm really hoping I get to see the rest of them. And soon!!!

A while ago, a start-up clothing company out of LA hit me up on MySpace and asked if I'd be interested in modeling for them. I checked out their site and liked what I saw, so why not? Maybe they'll do pretty well, and I'll be in on the ground level - or maybe I can help them sell more clothes just by being involved - or maybe it would just help add clothing pics to my portfolio. Either way, I'm now a model for West Bred Clothing, and the guy who did my motorcycle shoot, Troy Van Cleave, said he would take photos of me for the company. Right now, they're just asking their models to take typical MySpace pics of themselves in their clothes - like, take a pic of yourself in your mirror with your digital camera. Um.... no thanks.

When I met with Troy to discuss this, we started to brainstorm big time! Looks like sometime next month we're going to trek up to LA for a full blown shoot with Ray at West Bred Clothing and any of his models that he can get to show up. Troy and I also talked about the possibility of printing up some of the Harley pics he took of me and selling them. I've had a few friends ask if they could either get an autographed picture, or a poster of a picture, which was very cool and very supportive of them. I even told Troy about the uncertainty I'd been dealing with, and how I didn't know if I was good enough to even ASK to be paid for shoots. He made my day when he said "oh yeah, you could get paid easily." So, now I have a base rate! :) I'm just waiting on someone to ask me what it is. ha! ha!

My next excursion was October 1st. I took the day off from my day job to make the trip up to Corona to (FINALLY) shoot with my agency's photographer: Edwin (Evolve Photography). We shot at Esther's house, and I got to meet some great people. Crystal did my hair and make-up, and she is such an amazing MUA (, and Edwin is a phenomenal photographer. Esther's friend Monica showed up too and helped to coach my poses and facial expressions. The whole experience was a little intimidating - I was surrounded by professionals!! - but it was so exciting.

Here's an unedited shot from last Thursday:

I can't believe I'm really doing this...... pursuing modeling and actually getting somewhere, no matter how slow my progress. And I finally booked a PAID gig!! Friday Oct 30th I'll be working a party in downtown SD for Kasanova Magazine, and I'll get paid for it! FINALLY!!! :) :) :)

And lastly, my most recent adventure was a few days ago. Sunday I drove to Beverly Hills to do a photoshoot for Kasanova Magazine - I think I'm now a Kasanova Kitten. The shoot was at this ridiculously superfluous mansion (does anyone know who Micheal Scott is?? 'cos I don't and it was his house) - I mean this place had everything: a pool, 2 hot tubs, a steam room, a mineral bath, a 2 bd/2 bath pool house, a game room, a bowling alley, a basketball/tennis court, a SAND volleyball court, an aviary, a waterfall... shit was insane!!! And guess who I meet while I'm there? Edwin!! I come to find out that he shoots regularly for Kasanova Magazine, and I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw him there. Before that I was really nervous, but seeing him there made me feel more comfortable.

I'm not expecting to see those images anytime soon, but when I do (or rather, IF I do) I'll be sure to direct my small online audience to them.

So, for now, the only thing I've got coming up is a shoot for West Bred Clothing and I'll schedule that with Troy as soon as Ray sends me some threads. Then, it's the Kasanova Halloween party in downtown San Diego, but who knows what could happen between now and then?

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