Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Beginning didn't ask for it, but here it is. A blog about my modeling experiences / shoots / ideas / and other things as well. This past week has been AMAZING - and amazingly busy!! Here's a break down of the goings-on so far:

I was so excited to get signed with Queen E Modeling Agency (by the gorgeous Queen Esther herself)!!! The first or second week of August I'm supposed to have a shoot with a fantastic LA photographer. I can't wait to see what she has in store for me!

Attended a casting for Girls Gone Wild Magazine. If I get selected to be featured in an up-coming issue, I'll get a paid shoot in LA with hair and make-up provided. I know it's Girls Gone Wild, but the magazine is actually tasteful, and there's no nudity.'s a magazine!! If I can get published, that's an amazing feat for this small-town girl.

I worked as an promo girl at the exclusive Wrath of Con party - the hottest VIP party of ComicCon 2009. This was my first promo gig, and I had a lot of fun. I ran into a girl from the GGW Magazine casting, and a girl that I shot with at the Don'tBlink Magazine photoshoot about 3-4 weeks ago. I walked around and socialized with the party guests all night and met some really nice people. Daughtry kicked off the party with a performance. As the evening progressed I was a Monster energy drink girl for about 30 minutes, an unofficial ring girl during the TNA Wresting Match, and just basically a bull-shiter with nerds and geeks alike. It was such a cool experience to be inside an invitation-only party with all kinds of famous people, and all my drinks were free! The 7 hours in heels was kind of harsh on my feet, though.

I only wish I had some business cards / comp cards on hand to distribute since there were directors, producers, actors, and agents there.

***Note to self: have cards made


A good friend just gave me 2 Professional passes to ComicCon, so the roommate and I headed down to the SD Convention Center. This wasn't a modeling gig, but I kind of turned it into one anyway. I went decked out in my Elektra costume, and all day long I stopped to pose for pictures with visitors and other costume-wearing-folks. A lady even approached me and asked me if I would let her cameraman take a picture of me for Hustler Magazine. Apparently, they compile a bunch of photos of the Hottest Girls of Comic Con, and she said it will be out in January 2010. Possibly two magazines in less than a week??? Pinch me...

Now all I have to do is religiously scan thru Flickr / Google images / Photobucket / any other image hosting site I can find & look for pictures of myself. I hope there's some good ones so I can steal them and add them to my portfolio. Even little kids had their pictures taken with me - I'm beginning to think I'm a camera-whore. ha! ha!

Wow! it's almost 3.30am now...I better try to sleep. Supposed to go to SeaWorld tomorrow with my roommate Matt and his girl. Damn, these late nights are messing with my sleep cycle. But I know it's worth it!