Tuesday, November 10, 2009

West Bred Clothing

Sunday I had a last minute shoot - and I mean last minute! My photographer and I set it up no more than 24 hrs before we started shooting. Ray at West Bred Clothing sent me some shirts, and since all my November weekends are already booked up, Troy & I decided to get the shoot done ASAP.

We went to Chicano Park because that place has tons of wall art and would make for some awesome backgrounds. I got to wear my kick-ass new Skull & Roses heels from missconstrued.com and we got some really great shots. Since we were outside, we did draw a bit of an audience. When we were doing the booty shorts pics, a truck with 2 guys drove by 3 times. It was border-line creepy...

Troy has an amazing turn-around; he got the images to me yesterday! You can see the rest of the images on my Facebook page or on West Bred's page. Support Ray at West Bred!! He's a great guy!

Here's my favorite pic from Sunday:

And speaking of how busy November is, here's a run down of this month: This weekend I'm headed to LA for a film festival. The composer for Dim Light invited me to the screening, and I'm pretty excited - this is my first film festival! Hope that I get some networking done and I think I'm going to have a great time.

Next weekend is crazy busy too! What are you doing next Friday? Come out and see me!

Friday, November 20th @ Club Underground in Lake Elsinore

And Sunday 11/22 I'll be doing a shoot for GuitarSpy.com - Myke wants me to be a featured model. I'm also excited, not only for that shoot, but also because I'll get to see Crystal again (MissMUA). She's agreed to do my makeup that day.

That's it for now! You better believe I'll keep this thing updated with more news and more images as they come in. Thanks are in order to you, dear reader, for your support... or your boredom. Either way, I hope you keep checking in on me. :)

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