Wednesday, August 12, 2009

2 shoots in 2 days

The title says it all.
2 shoots. 2 days.

Monday after work I ran home to ready myself for a sunset beach shoot with B-foto, and then booked it to PB only to be greeted with cloudy skies. We agreed to try again the next day, and at a less crowded beach (La Jolla). Well, Tuesday come and the clouds still haven't lifted. Since Brandon is visiting SD from AZ, we decide to make the best of the overcast skies. Brandon was very professional, and told me that I have gorgeous eyes. Genuine compliments are the best!

After I get home, he emails me some of the shots he's already touched up. I was so impressed with how amazing he made me look!!

And there's more where that came from!! I just don't have them yet.

Today after work, I drove to Miramar to meet up with a local photographer so we could do a Harley shoot. I had several different outfits, and he kept saying the lighting was perfect. This was my first motorcycle/bike shoot, so I'm pretty jazzed to see the final result. I crouched near the bike, leaned on it, sat on it, laid down on it.... and even stood away from it. Ha!

After our shoot, he asked what other ideas I had, and I told him how I've always wanted to get some pics of just me on an empty road with these ridiculous hooker boots I have. As luck would have it, he knew of a dead-end paved road not far from where we were, so we headed over there and got a few more shots. On a stroke of genius, I had him help stand on one of the wooden posts that support the guard rail, and he said those shots looked awesome.

I can't wait to see them! This is what I love about modeling - having fun on a shoot, being spontaneous with poses, and seeing the final pictures. And after I do a shoot and see the photos, I always want to do another one so I can get more!

Shooting with two different guys in two days was a good learning experience. Brandon preferred that I moved around on my own between shots and I think we got some very natural & awesome pictures from that. But Troy had me hold a pose for a moment or two and would even make small adjustments to the angle of my head or the placement of my arm. I'm sure those two styles will show up in both of their respective photographs.

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