Sunday, August 22, 2010

Drumroll please...

Ta da! Here I am again to update you on the fabulously hectic, busy, and un-busy parts of the modeling lifestyle. Again, my apologies for being a slacker and not writing as often as I should. I swear, I have the best of intentions, but sometime lack the motivation to follow through. Ok, more often than sometimes, you got me!

Where did we leave off...? Ah yes! April-ish. Well folks, for the latter half of the month of April, there wasn't much going on in the modeling arena for me, but I did have my fair share of interviews for a new day job (none of which pulled thru, sadly). I suppose there was one kind-of sort-of could be counted event: Subversive II, where several of my musically talented DJ buddies (DJ Prophecy, Indaskyes, Facemelter, & Traxmyth) provided the soundtrack for an AMAZING evening. Well done you guys!!

A candid of Laura, Denny, and me @ Subversive II

The month of May was also slow on the modeling front, but plenty of social things going on after the day job: a birthday weekend in Vegas, HEDpe concerts, a trip to LA for out of town friends, and TWO trips to Kansas for TWO different weddings!!

June was all about motorcycles for Reesuh. I had a last minute audition after work on the 3rd, and was surprised to hear that they selected me to be a promo model (Tork Angel) for Tork's Motorsports in Point Loma. The photoshoot was the following evening, so needless to say that Friday was a 19 hr day for me!!

The following day was the monthly MayStar Fashion Whore show, where I was a model for Molly B Bikinis. I'm fairly new to the fashion industry, but I've been around long enough to realize that these things NEVER start on time - there's always something we're waiting on, and you just have to roll with it. I've also noticed that lots of girls can't stand to wait. But hey, shit happens - bitching won't make time move any faster!

Tork's grand opening event was on Father's Day, but there was still a pretty decent crowd that turned out. From the pictures that were taken that day I saw that I'm super pale, I mean pasty white!! I've just never been big on tanning beds, so I bought some tanning lotion that probably would've worked if I didn't do Bikram Yoga. The lotion stayed on when I would shower, but during yoga I sweat liters, and it came right off onto my towel - who would've known??

Kelly, Katie, and me - Tork Angels

And so, that brings us to July, when I got to shoot with the amazingly talented Victor Ciccarelli and his wife Lynn. They painted me green for a pin-up monster corset shoot; I felt so much like Elphaba from the musical Wicked. I even started to sing "Defy Gravity" while Lynn & Vic were painting me. When Vic was ready to paint my face, he looked at me and said "Tell me 'fuck you Vic'." I'm not a mean person, so I couldn't say it at first, but when I starting joking around and said it in a harsh tone, he took the paint brush and stuck it in my ear. It was like the grossest wet willy EVER!! I squealed, but the sound I made was a sound I've never heard myself make before. He just laughed and said "that's my favorite part!" ha! ha! What a prankster. All that weird paint in my ear was really worth it though. Vic & Lynn turned me into a real Monster Pin-up model:

Monster Corset Pin-up for Isabella Corsetry

Afterward, Vic graciously helped me bring some of my Oil Spill images to life. Ever since the disaster in the gulf, I've had an idea for a shoot in my mind - and I've also been wanting to voice some of my political opinions using my modeling for some time. Vic helped make that a reality.

Later in July, I was one of those annoying people handing out cards at ComiCon. A friend of a friend needed promo models, and since it was a paying gig, I accepted. The first day I worked near the Scott Pilgrim display, handing out cards for $10 off a Tshirt online, and I had a blast. The crowd at ComiCon consists of fun, clever, nerdy people (like me) who are easy to approach and bullshit with. I even made a group of friends from SF, Team Awesome as I called them. The next day I passed out the same cards but for Hello Kitty. The best part about this gig was that it paid, & I got 2 pretty awesome shirts out of the deal too.

That brings us up to August. I haven't had any modeling gigs yet this month, but I've applied to a few castings / postings. I did, however, have my first belly dancing lesson with the one and only Sakti Renik, a famous Egyptian Belly Dancer who has been dancing for over 30 yrs!! I had a lot of fun, and surprised myself with a few moves. After my 90 minute lesson, Sakti told me that she had given me the intermediate class, and that I was a natural. I feel so special - and it kind of makes me want to find a Belly Dancing group here in SD to keep practicing with. But I love my yoga too much to give it up, and my schedule is already demanding enough as it is.

So there you have it guys and dolls - the hectic, busy, yet un-busy life of me. Oh, but that reminds me: this month I'm competing to be Miss September in the 2011 calendar for Poker Centerfolds. PLEASE register at this link (Poker Centerfolds), then click on Calendar Girls, and vote for Risa. It's easy!! But you have to register first or your vote doesn't count. And PLEASE tell your friends to do the same - I need all the help I can get here.

You can check out my photos for the contest HERE.

Thank you a million times over for reading my silly updates, for caring enough to stop by, and for always supporting me.

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