Tuesday, April 20, 2010

2010 update - January to now!

I'm such a slacker. I started a blog to keep people up-to-date (people who wanted to know anyway) and I completely dropped the ball.

Several shoots and auditions this month! Auditioned for the Xtreme GoGo team Los Angeles and was accepted, which lead to 2 team photoshoots. Got to meet the rest of the girls, and they're all great people and amazing dancers. Can't wait to start doing team GoGo gigs in LA/OC with these lovely ladies.

Xtreme Girls - photo by Daniel Padova

Also auditioned for a new reality show (Runway Chronicles) and was accepted to do that as well, even though I'm too short to do traditional runway, or so I'm told. This little project got me into my first ever runway show in February (more on that soon), and rehearsals took place throughout January.

Shot with Neesh of LA Wicked Photography at the end of the month and did some implied pics. I was super nervous about this, but I think they turned out alright.

More rehearsals for Runway Chronicles, and then finally my debut at the MAGIC Fashion Convention in Las Vegas. If I were into fashion at all, I would've known this was a big deal from the beginning. But being the tomboy (and country girl) that I am, I didn't realize how epic MAGIC is to the fashion industry. I was a model for Anama, a clothing line based out of Miami, and was the feature of the sexiest fashion show at MAGIC! There was actually a lot of drama involved on that trip - no wonder models have a reputation for being pretentious bitches!! - but there were also a lot of awesome moments. I bonded with quite a few people of the cast and crew and can't wait to work with them all again some day.

Niki, me, and Phoenix - on our way to the Convention Center to work for Anama

At the beginning of the month, I completed a 3-day "gogo bootcamp" for the Xtreme Girls. I have to take this time now to say "THANK YOU" to my OC friends who let me crash at their pads during all of this back-and-forth from SD to OC or LA. Without you guys (James, Alan, Jay, Jacques...) I would be so broke paying for gas or hotels, or would have undoubtedly fallen asleep at the wheel. You're all wonderful for putting me up for the night in a spare bedroom or on the couch.

March was a slow month for me in modeling, but busy in everything else! I went to Vegas (again) to hang out with some High School friends I haven't seen in years, and also enrolled in a 4-week Broadway Burlesque class at Fun Pole Fitness. Marie, the owner, and Jenn, the teacher, are such fun and wonderful ladies, and the rest of the women there were so friendly and happy. It was a great experience and I learned a fun burlesque routine!

The last Sunday of the month I drove 3 hours north to meet the most kickass group of girls and the awesome Edwin (EVolve Photography) in Camarillo for an all day shoot. We got three outfit changes and did some group shots - I can't wait to see the pics (but I need to select my favorites and send them to Edwin first!!). Lisa Michelle, Mary Jane, Danielle and Pamela Jean are all gorgeous & talented models - and Edwin kills it with his camera every time! I'm so lucky to know such beautiful, and down-to-earth, girls who work in this industry too.

In fact, we had such a great time in Camarillo, we all want to do another group shoot soon! Hopefully all of our schedules can line up again; so far there's been no such luck.

2 fashion shows this month so far! The first was MayStar's monthly Fashion Whore show at the Ruby Room in Hillcrest. This particular show was themed "EuroTrash." I modeled for Miss Alphabet clothing (Liz) and had a blast! Quite a few of my girl friends were modeling for another designer, Trish, and it was a pleasant surprise to see familiar faces when I walked in the door.

That night I met several new girls, a kickass MUA, and some great photographers too. I'm hoping to get something set up with one (or more) of these new connections. Networking is so much fun!

Taken by RFXPhoto, makeup: MercyTobel, wardrobe: Miss Alphabet

The following Saturday I was in Fullerton for a Rock 'n Roll Fashion Show, modeling for the lovely Emily of Into the Woods Clothing. As a 5'2" model who was told she could never do runway or fashion, this was my 3rd show in 2 months. Makes me feel good to know that some folks are full of shit.

And that's basically it for now! Nothing really on the horizon at the moment, but my social/personal life is packed. Next month I'm out of state almost every weekend: Vegas for a bday, and flying back to Kansas twice for weddings. I'll write more often about modeling stuff from now on, I promise!

Thanks for keeping up with me

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